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Product Materials

Sealskinz products are made from the most advanced technical materials to ensure high quality and protection in any situation.



Merino is finer than traditional wool and is a wicking fibre that can absorb and release 10 times more moisture than synthetics to keep you feeling warm and dry.



Coolmax® is proven to have the fastest drying rate, the quickest and most efficient movement of moisture away from the skin and the best breathability.



Even when forced into the Primaloft® core, water is repelled and not absorbed by the patented microfibre structure, so Primaloft® keeps you warm, even in the wet.



An advanced technology from DuPont™, Kevlar® is five times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis yet at the same time, it is lightweight, flexible and comfortable.



Engineered to provide superior abrasion properties, while reducing water uptake, AX Suede can withstand the constant friction of a multitude of activities.



Downtek™ Water Repellent Down. Down clusters are designed to trap pockets of air, these pockets are what insulate, keeping you warm and comfortable. With standard down moisture comes along and deflates the pockets of air, eliminating down's ability to insulate. DownTek™ shields those insulating-air-trapping-clusters from all wet things, allowing the down to retain its ability to loft and insulate even when wet.

Product Features


The perfect barrier between you and the most challenging wet weather.

Our products are developed in such a way as to give 100% waterproof protection whilst being incredibly breathable and dexterous. Add in varying layers of insulation means we can offer waterproof products for all climates.

Zero Liner Movement

Anti-slip lining improves dexterity and feel through reduced friction and virtually eliminates liner pull-out, giving you a glove which performs in a significantly better way to standard multi-layer gloves. This lining enables you to endure the elements and defy the outdoors whatever the weather.


Featuring on a number of our gloves the touchscreen friendly tabs on the index finger enables you to take calls, take photos and check your bearings, all without having to take your glove off and exposing your hand to the biting cold or rain. Endure the elements and defy the outdoors whatever the weather.

Stealth Reflective

The face fabric fibres are covered in millions of microscopic glass beads, each act as a tiny mirror which reflect light back in every direction. Stealth Reflectivity helps the eye perceive an object in low light conditions when it is illuminated by a light source. Since very little light is scattered when the light is returned, stealth reflective materials are brightest close to the original light source. Stealth Reflective fabric is rated to 50ra.

LED Technology

Halo equipped product emits a bright light visible from over 500m ensuring you are seen when out and about in the evenings. Ideal for road cycling or commuting where you need to be visible. Switch between flashing or continuous to adjust the way you are illuminated. Stay safe out there.


The integrated heated elements into the shell fabric increase thermal protection when you know you are going to expose yourself to the most extreme temperatures and puch yourself to the limit. The control switch has three power settings: low, medium and high, indicated by an LED indicator which allows you to choose the temperature that is most comfortable for the conditions.


Our unique new technology gives you a much more secure fit between the top of the sock and your leg. Meaning the chance of water ingress through the top is massively reduced, enabling you to go out and stay out whatever the weather.

Water Repellent

Water repellent technology provides a surface layer of protection from the elements. It acts and feels like a normal single layer product in water weather, but once the weather turns it provides unbelievable water repellency. Something else which is often overlooked is that the drying times is significantly reduced, so you don't have to stay in wet product any longer than you need to.

Climate Guide

Each of our products carries a rating called a Climate Guide, enabling you to make an informed decision on the best product for your activity.

How you feel in the cold is always subjective and dependant on activity, as such you should always go by your personal operating temperature to the final choice of product.

These ratings are designed as a guide, and also show where they sit against other products in the Sealskinz range.


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