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Stunning Shetland

I've got really wet over the last few days while waiting for some of the amazing wildlife that lives on the Shetland Isles. Having fully waterproof gloves and socks is amazing and allows me to work in conditions that would force others to move to cover or stop due to getting wet. On top of this I'm still able to operate my tiny camera controls on my camera and adjusting the settings to go with the ever changing play of light and the wildlife wearing my Ultra Grip Gloves.

Sealskinz Trekking Socks and Ultra Grip Gloves are two items of clothing I couldn't live without and they are truly the best on the market. On this trip I’m also using the Sealskinz Outdoor Sports Mitten that offer fingerless gloves with the protection of a mitten that you can fold away or cover your fingers when they are cold or wet.

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