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Laraine's Summer Update

Summer, so far, has been extremely busy. Working in the tourist industry means summer is when I make my money for the year so from March to October, I work seven days a week. I love what I do; there's nothing better than when people return from a kayaking session to tell me how many seals they spotted, or return their mountain bikes having spotted golden eagles over the cliffs.  It's a fantastic way to earn a living!

However, it does leave very little time for leisure activities. I haven't been hiking for a long time, and running is limited to short hill sprints first thing in the morning. However, this is changing...

Six weeks ago Owain and I made one of our biggest purchases in our wedded history... we bought a 21ft yacht named Moonwisp. She's a bilge keeled Corribee and she's beautiful. Whilst Owain has plenty of sailing experience, I'm very new to this, so as we close up the Eigg Adventures hut for the day, we head out to Moonwisp and enjoy an evening sail. I'm learning all about tacking, jibing, sheets, lines and all sorts of things!

Being out on the water is pretty amazing, especially up here.  We've seen hundreds of seals, jumping trout, and even a pod of dolphins! The west coast of Scotland is just spectacular. We're already planning trips this autumn (when we cut down to four days a week) to the Isle of Rum, Mull and Coll and Tiree. It'll be our opportunity to enjoy the delights of Scotland and do some serious exploring, which we just haven't had time to do since moving here last year. I can't believe it'll be a year in August since we gave up our 'proper' jobs, moved 500 miles to the Isle of Eigg and opened up our own adventure business!  

My relationship with Sealskinz is a valued one. The weather up here is temperamental to say the least, and even though it's summer, I'm still wearing my favourite Cable Knit Beanie constantly. In addition, with all this time on the boat, I'm loving my Outdoor Sports Mittens. The lid of the mittens comes off so you can still use your fingers. Perfect for sailing when you're needing to fiddle with all these ropes you're surrounded by!

Our most adventurous sailing trip was a recent one; we had a sedate sail around Castle Island being mooring up and eating dinner.  We decided it was such a lovely evening (unscheduled 30 degrees and sunshine!) that we'd sleep on the boat and enjoy the balmy weather. It was almost like being on holiday – until 2am when the biggest thunderstorm I've ever seen hit... I've literally never seen lightning like it. I was convinced we were either going to get hit by lightning and fried, or the dinghy attached to Moonwisp would fill with water, sink, and drag us down with it. My imagination can go a little crazy at times. Obviously we survived with no problems, and I'm very much looking forward to more adventures on the water!


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