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Craig Jones in Norfolk

In this short blog I am remisincing on my two really rewarding days spent in Norfolk with clients on my Springtides & Barn Owl days. Each day we photographed some great wader flocks and were lucky with two Barn Owls hunting each day. The weather was kind on both days but with a real cold feel to the air now that autumn begins to take its hold . We were very lucky to see a stunning Woodcock bird close to the hide we were in, amazing markings on these shy birds. 

Being able to change my settings on the camera while my hands are warm and dry is very important to me any loss of warmth or my hands get wet and my hands go cold. With the changing seasons now and colder weather it's time to change from my Sealskinz Fairfield Gloves that I love with their soft touch and feel to the more robust Sealskinz Ultra Grip Gloves that are just amazing and so hardwearing it's unbelievable. I'm back in Norfolk soon and over the next few weeks I'm photographing the deer rut in various different places.


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