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Craig Jones in Finland

It was good to be back in Finland once more after my earlier trip in April of this year. 

The weather though couldn’t have been different, in April it was around minus 10 at night and snow on the ground. Fast forward to July and it was warm, sunny and very hot in the hides. 

We spent around 70 hours in total throughout the week in wooden hides watching and waiting for Brown Bears and Wolves to appear. Some nights we saw nothing and our fourteen hours per night in the hides just dragged that bit more. During my trip it got a little colder around midnight and I used my Fairfield Gloves and also my fingerless mitts depending on how many mosquitoes were around, both of these gloves allow me to fully operate my camera’s controls while giving me some warmth and protection for the elements.  I also used my Sealskinz beanie which is really warm as well as being 100% waterproof. 

The walks to the hide were fine but at times there was water from overnight rain and I used my Trekking Socks with my boots that kept my feet completely dry when walking over this ground before we got inside the hides. Then once inside I tucked my trousers into the socks and they acted as a guard from further bites as the mosquitoes couldn’t penetrate through the material and onto my feet as we waited from the wolves and browns to appear. All the gear from Sealskinz I use crosses all elements of weather and has many uses. I have complete trust and faith in this gear which makes my life just that bit more comfortable when doing my work which I love a great deal.

Craig's photography has recently been featured in the Guardian and the story behind the photographs in the Daily Mail:


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